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Events Clinic and Sammy Walsh

It all started with a vintage ambulance. Sammy Walsh was always a go-getter, climbing high in the corporate ladder and working with major brands and multinationals like The Kerry Group, PepsiCo, and The Matter Hospital. Her career was fulfilling, but the desire to be self-employed and create her own work hours motivated her to because a business owner.

She analysed many opportunities, and after some research she figured out the Food Truck business not only sounded fun but was expanding massively in The United States and Britain. She was keen on bringing the same model to Ireland, focusing not only on the food itself, but merging the opportunity with what she knew very well – events, branding opportunities, and the corporate market.

But, back to the ambulance! She was a real beauty. Called Sambulance she was found in London but was originally from the Netherlands. Her previous owner travelled all over Europe with the vintage vehicle, going as far as Croatia! Sammy knew this was her in. She bought the Sambulance and decided she first needed to know everything about owning a food truck, only then she would make the commitment to expand.

That’s how Cuppacabana became a reality. Based in Donabate, the coffee van was the best hands-on experience Sammy could have in the business. Aided by her sister Eabha, who has a marketing background and went to become the Events Manager and Legs Eleven/Bingo Loco they had everything they needed to take things to next level.

And so… Events Clinic was born!

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