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Elevate your private or corporate event with our exciting new offer that celebrates the flavours of the week. Each day brings a delectable theme, enticing you with irresistible deals and specials from some of the finest food trucks in town. Dive into the culinary adventure and make every event a memorable feast!

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Pizza Mondays:

Kick off the week with a slice of perfection! Our Pizza Mondays feature the finest pizza trucks serving up mouthwatering pizzas topped with all your favourite ingredients. Whether you’re hosting a casual gathering or a corporate lunch, let the smell of freshly baked pizzas tantalise your guests’ taste buds.

Prices starting at 12.50 Euro (Ex. VAT) per person for groups of 100 people and includes a 12 inch pizza per person 

Taco Tuesdays:

Spice up your Tuesday with a burst of flavour! Taco Tuesdays bring you the best of Mexican street food, with food trucks dishing out savory tacos filled with authentic ingredients and zesty sauces. From traditional classics to innovative creations, there’s something to satisfy every craving.


Prices starting at 14.50 Euro (Ex. VAT) per person for groups of 100 people and includes a three tacos and a free soft drink per person.


Midweek Burgers:

Sink your teeth into juicy goodness! Midweek Burgers are here to satisfy your burger cravings with gourmet creations from top-notch food trucks. Indulge in perfectly grilled patties, piled high with fresh toppings and served with a side of loaded fries. It’s the ultimate midweek treat for burger enthusiasts.

Prices starting at 15 Euro (Ex. VAT) per person for groups of 100 people and includes a burger, a drink and loaded fries per person.



Caffeinated Thursdays:

Fuel your day with a jolt of energy! Caffeinated Thursdays bring you the finest coffee trucks serving up expertly crafted brews to keep you going. Whether you prefer a classic espresso or a creamy latte, let the aroma of freshly roasted beans awaken your senses and add a buzz to your event.

Prices starting at 650 Euro (Ex. VAT)  for groups of 100 people and includes a coffee/hot drink per person.



End the week on a sweet note! Friday Treats feature delectable delights from ice cream trucks, offering a tempting array of 99s with sprinkles!

Prices starting at 3.50 Euro (Ex. VAT) per person for groups of 100 people and includes a 99 with sprinkles per person.

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