Virgin Media Solutions Ice Cream Drip

Case Study: Events Clinic’s Sweet Success with The Six O’Clock Show Agency Roadshow

Client: Virgin Media Solutions (VMS)

Service Provider: Events Clinic 

Introduction: The Six O’Clock Show, was looking for a sponsor, and Virgin Media Solutions saw an exciting opportunity to promote the sponsorship among advertising agencies in Dublin. To bring a scoop of summer to the agencies’ rainy July,  Virgin Media Solutions enlisted the assistance of Events Clinic to provide ice cream trucks for the occasion. Events Clinic collaborated with Virgin Media Solutions to plan the locations and schedule for the ice cream drip, ensuring maximum impact and engagement with the agency partners.


Objective: The main objective of the agency roadshow was to raise awareness of The Six O’Clock Show sponsorship opportunities among advertising agencies in Dublin. The ice cream drip added a fun and refreshing touch, making it a memorable experience for agency teams and encouraging positive interactions between Virgin Media Solutions representatives and agency partners.

Execution: The Events Clinic team worked closely with Virgin Media Solutions to plan and execute the agency roadshow. Two ice cream vans were enlisted for the event, and Events Clinic’s helped in determining the most appropriate locations and timings for each visit.

Synopsis of the Day: On a sunny Thursday, the Virgin Media Solutions team, along with The Six O’Clock Show hosts Grainne Seoige and Greg O’Shea, set out on the agency roadshow adventure. The ice cream vans were ready to delight and surprise agency teams with sweet treats. Starting at 11am the two vans travelled all over the city to Dublin’s largest advertising agencies. Ranging from thirty minutes to one hour, the vans served over 440 ice creams throughout the day with red napkins and sauce to keep the Virgin Media Solutions theme!

Conclusion: The agency roadshow, planned by Events Clinic and hosted by Virgin Media Solutions, was a resounding success. The sweet and engaging ice cream drip not only bringjoy to the rainy July day but also served as an excellent platform for Virgin Media Solutions to discuss The Six O’Clock Show sponsorship with the advertising agencies in Dublin. Events Clinic’s planning and execution ensured a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. The event received positive feedback from agency partners and set the stage for future engagements, strengthening VVirgin Media Solutions position as a leading media solutions provider.

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