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Workplace wellbeing can be improved by team building activities. If you’re looking for great ideas that will bring your staff together, we’re here to help.

Team Building Activities Dublin and Ireland Wide that Boost Workplace Wellbeing

With more and more employees coming back to the office over the last few months, the world of work has changed once again. In 2020, a big shift happened when many employees started working from home full time. Now, many organizations are bringing back in person work several days a week. This is another big shift.

Over the last two years, life has changed a lot. Many people got used to handling more responsibilities at home, for instance, and now they’re back in the office. This can cause stress, anxiety, and burnout. For people who changed jobs since 2020, they may not have even met their coworkers in person until just recently. It can be tough to work well with someone in person when you only know them through a screen.

These types of challenges, have caused many workplaces to realize the importance of team building and recognize how much it improves workplace wellbeing, mental health, and productivity.

Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, many companies don’t have the time or budget needed to have an offsite event. Employees often don’t want to spend additional time at work events either, since they have busy lives to attend to.

The solution? Hiring a food truck to come right to your office!


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How Food Trucks Serve as Team Building Activities

People bond over food. This has been true for generations. It’s why we get together for meals on special occasions. When you hire a food truck to come to your office, what you’re really hiring is a bonding experience.

If you have an internationally diverse team, this is an even better opportunity. It’s a chance to experience a wide range of international cuisines – from Venezuelan to Thai and Korean and beyond.

When it comes to team building activities Dublin and beyond, hiring a food truck is a great idea. It will excite and energize your team, bring everyone together, and help ease stress, anxiety, and social awkwardness. This improves mental health and wellbeing for the entire organization. For more information on hiring a food truck for team building activities across Ireland, please contact us today.

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Looking for a Food Truck for Your Events?
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